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Matching a Latino prospect to the right project becomes an easier job once you know the audience. Latinos are interested in making new contacts that will advance their personal goals. Getting involved with your institution may help to achieve that goal. Thoughtful consideration should be given in selecting the right solicitor to offer the Latino prospect the opportunity to join a board, sponsor an event, or join a new campaign committee. This job should not be assigned to the person that can speak Spanish fluently. The right solicitor should be a respected peer to the prospect that believes in your cause and has been well prepared to make the ask.

Showing a link to the Latino community is not always mandatory in recruiting Latinos, but it provides more incentive for a prospect with an interest in Latino affairs. Part of preparing for the solicitation call requires knowing the amount of Latino involvement within your institution. Nonprofits should be prepared to answer the following questions. What percentage of Latinos accesses the institution annually? How many Latinos participate in leadership positions? What percentage of Latino vendors does the institution do business with? How does the Latino population relate to the mission or why does the institution have an interest in increasing Latino involvement?

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